Brazil Pavilion

Brazil Pavilion  in shanghai world expo

Brazil Pavilion

With the theme “Dynamic City, Vigorous Brazil.”, Brazil Pavilion will not only show Brazil urban lifestyle, cultural diversity, prosperity and achievements in sustainable development. But also share the experience in renewable energy development and new type of inclusive city model building.

Brazil will decorate its Expo pavilion like a green “Bird’s Nest,” the nickname for the National Stadium in Beijing that hosted the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games. And the material of Pavilion is environment-friendly recyclable timber. The whole pavilion consists of three sub-pavilions, which are named “urban scenery”, “dynamic city, vigorous Brazil” and “happy Brazil”, and a series of topic corridors.

The highlight of the pavilion is sustainable development. It’s reported that 46% of Brazil’s energy is from renewable energy sources and this is hard to come by for other countries.

Brazil Pavilion has been budgeted at 35 million dollars, and is expected to receive three to four million visitors.

2010 shanghai world expo

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