Germany Pavilion

Germany Pavilion Germany Pavilion

Theme: Balancity

Design Team: Mila Joint Design Consultancy Ltd.

Modeling Highlight: structure suspended in the air

Location: Zone C of Expo site

Area: 6000 square meters

National Day: May 19

This pavilion will be Germany’s largest at any Expo and will consist of three exhibition areas which will show German urban life and how the country’s design and products can help solve urbanization problems. With the theme “Balancity”, German Pavilion will demonstrate the importance of balance between modernization and preservation, innovation and tradition, community and the individual, work and leisure, and between globalization and national identity.

Two special virtual guides, Yan si and Yan yan, will accompany each visitor to walk through every exhibition area. The highlight of the pavilion will be a cone-shaped structure housing a revolving metal sphere, 3 meters I diameter and covered with 30000 LEDs, which will be activated by the noise and movement of spectators.

The German government is investing 30 million euros (US $38.10 million) in the pavilion and the total budget for the shanghai expo is about 50 million euros.

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