Luxemburg Pavilion

Luxemburg Pavilion Luxemburg Pavilion

Theme: Small is beautiful

Profile: “Forest and fortress”

Location: Zone C of the Expo site

Area: 3,000 square meters

Luxemburg Pavilion looks like a fortress with a medieval tower in its center. To Take the comfort of visitors into account, the fortress was designed many entrances and exits so that visitors won’t need wait in line and they can stay or visit according to their own preference. On the open wing upstairs, there is a recreation ground specially designed for children.

In Chinese, “Luxemburg” actually means “forest and fortress”. And inspired by Chinese translation, designers conceive an unique sculpture method used on a single block of stone. And the whole Luxemburg Pavilion also becomes an open forest surrounded by green trees.

As European “green heart”, Luxemburg always attached great importance to environmental issues. The entire building uses steel, wood, glass and other recyclable materials, and it will become a model of sustainable urban development in recovery and reuse of energy. Although only about 1,300 square meters for exhibition, Luxemburg still interpret its theme “Small is beautiful” very well. Visitors will be able to taste the bacon and beer with local characteristics, while understanding the wisdom and innovation of the people of Luxemburg.

The Luxembourg Pavilion will resemble an ancient castle 15 meters high surrounded by large areas of greenery.

The pavilion’s design concept is “forest and fortress,” inspired by the literal meaning of the Chinese term for Luxembourg, said the pavilion’s architect.

The pavilion will cost US$9 million and become one of the smallest plans among all the national pavilions.

2010 shanghai world expo

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