Macau Pavilion

Macau Pavilion Macau Pavilion

Macau Pavilion looks like a rabbit lantern. In Chinese culture, rabbit symbolizes harmony and it is the incarnation of smart, which is an auspicious animal people love in modern or ancient times. The inspiration of rabbit design comes from the outline of ancient rabbit lantern in southern China. If the China Pavilion can be considered as South Gate of Heaven in myth, Macau Pavilion just likes an immortal rabbit beside the South Gate of Heaven and welcomes people from all over the world together with China Pavilion.

The Macau pavilion will be covered by a double-layer glass membrane and fluorescent screens. Kinetic balloons will form the head and tail of the “rabbit.” In Chinese mythology, the jade rabbit welcomes visitors to a magical fairyland.

Macau pavilion and its UBPA case “Tak Seng On” will be a bright spot at the Expo. It will showcase the city’s culture, economic and social conditions to the world with high technology.

2010 shanghai world expo

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