Seoul Case — culture and economy in Seoul

seoul case

seoul case -- culture and economy in Seoul

Exhibiton Dimension: Livable Cities

Case Name: Culture and economy in Seoul

City and Country: Seoul, ROK

Awards: 2007 E-government Award issued by Singapore

2006 the first place of top  100 metropolis e-Government issued by American Society for Public Administration

“Livable City” case recommended by UNESCO

Case Profile:

In order to enable the public to lead a more comfortable life, it’s a necessity to strengthen and maintain the city’s competitiveness. However, the current post-industrial society environment requires us to come out of other innovative strategies, which should be environment friendly and participatory so that community, the city and other cities can be combined into one and produce new economic value added. The applied strategies are as follows:

1. With culture, fashion, theme activities, public performances and art exhibition as the urban development ideas, improve the urban culture atmosphere, and provide attractive green space in urban construction.

2. Realize the overall e-government in future to form an open municipal culture so that the public will participate in policy discussions through the network. Provide the public with various information services and create a space to demonstrate their creativities and imagination.

3. Cheonggyecheon restoration project. Based on retaining the historical sites, develop cultural tourism resources with urban characteristics to make Cheonggyecheon sustainably develop.

4. Create a comfortable and convenient traffic environment and provide more secure services to enable operation system more efficient.

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