Shanghai Corporate Pavilion

Shanghai Corporate Pavilion Shanghai Corporate Pavilion
Shanghai Corporate Pavilion

Nickname: Magic Cube

Theme: City, distillation of dream

Inspiration: Zhuangzhou’s butterfly dream

Location: Zone D of the Expo site

Area: 4,000 square meters

The 4,000-square-meter “magic cube” will be an ecological pavilion with smart technology, which uses new technologies and new materials to present a new point about urban life.

The inspiration of “magic cube” design comes from the romantic philosophy story – Zhangzhou’s butterfly dream. Visitors will experience a nearly 20-minute interaction.

The display experience of “magic cube” consists of four parts, “listening to Shanghai’s sounds”, “Road of Shanghai”, “Future Tour” and “Approaching Huangp

Due to too many visitors during the Expo, visitors can make an appointment by logging on the official website and choosing their own visiting time. Then visitors will get a number, and they can present the number to receive the ticket at the entrance before stepping into the pavilion.

Technological Detail and Environmental Protection:

1. Solar Energy System

The Shanghai Corporate Pavilion features a 1600m2 solar heat-collecting tube on the roof. These solar tubes can collect solar energy to produce hot water up to 95°C. Ultra-low temperature power generation techology, a novel way to generate electricity through solar power. The power generated using this technology can be used for both the exposition and for every day.

2. Recycled Plastic materials

Shanghai produces nearly 30 million of waste CDs every year, and only 25% of them are reclaimed and recycled. If these CDs were reclaimed and washed, they could be used to produce polycarbonate granules and manufacture more polycarbonate plastic products. The external facade materials of the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion will use polycarbonate transparent plastic tubes to create its dreamlike appearance. After the Expo, also plastic tubes can be easily recycled to reduce social wastage.

3. Water/mist System

For the Shanghai Corporate pavilion, rainwater will be collected and recycled. After such treatment as sedimentation, filtration and storage, rainwater can be used for daily purposes at the pavilion and for the “mist” in particular. The mist can lower the temperature, purify the air and create a comfortable climate in pavilion. The spray can also be used to form various patterns under ceiling of entrance hall and make the overall appearance of the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion fresh and elegant.

2010 shanghai world expo

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