Spain Pavilion

Spain Pavilion layout of the Spain Pavilion
Spain Pavilion

Theme: our city from generation to generation

The Architect: Benedetta Tagliabue

Profile: wicker-weaving basket

Location: Zone C of the Expo Site

Area: 12,000 square meters

Spain Pavilion is a vintage but innovative “wicker-weaving basket” structure, which make visitors feel like in the street of Spanish cities. Visitors will experience Spain’s glorious history and Spanish people’s wisdom and innovation, and have a taste of the great works created by well-known urban planners, sociologists, filmmakers and artists.

Spain Pavilion has a steel structure and a wicker cover. Spanish handcrafters weave out different patterns by using different colors of wicker. The wicker covered by a special waterproof material keeps the pavilion at a comfortable temperature. When sunshine penetrates through the wicker, visitors will be able to enjoy a nice walk in the open air.

The theme of Spain Pavilion is divided into three parts, which reveal the changes from ancient times to modern, and the future.

Spanish organizers may bring unique Spanish cultural events to the Expo, possibly flamenco dancing, and hopefully the performance venue will not be limited to the Spanish pavilion.

2010 shanghai world expo

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