State Grid Pavilion

State Grid Pavilion State Grid Pavilion

Theme: “innovation makes dream come true”

Highlight: Environmental protection, energy saving and the people first

Location: Puxi section of the Expo site

Area:4,000 square meters

Chief designer: Zhao xiaojun, who designed “Water Cube” and other five Olympic venues

The entire pavilion consists of two buildings covered with grids on either side, which support a transparent crystal “energy cube”. The grid-like texture on two buildings reflects the architecture integration of city’s network and power supply system, also refers to safe, high quality, clean and reliable grid power innovation. A huge transparent “energy cube” floats in the center. It is learnt that this “energy cube” will show the flow of light and shadow and embossing changes during the day, which will take the visitors into the “wonderful fantasy world” of new power technologies, and at night the “energy cube” will be “lit” so that visitors will see it in the night sky whether in front of pavilion, on the square or in distant walking road.

“Environmental protection, energy conservation, the people first” is the design concept of State Grid Pavilion. According to reports, the surface of the pavilion is covered with a variety of circular holes which can meet some region’s natural lighting needs. And the exterior wall of the pavilion is attached by solar panels which provide lighting for the basement and VIP areas. The roof of the building is a vibrant green system, and the channel inside the pavilion cleverly takes advantage of Shanghai summer wind to form a S-shaped energy-saving cool corridor by capturing the summer wind.

2010 shanghai world expo

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