Sweden Pavilion

Sweden Pavilion Sweden Pavilion

Theme: Spirit of Innovation

Design Team: SWECO company

Profile: display the interaction between urban and rural area, and use traditional urban architecture and highlight wood application in modern architecture.

Location: Zone C of the Expo site

Area: 3,000 square meters

National Day: May 23

The design inspiration of Sweden Pavilion is from the interaction between urban and rural area. The whole pavilion uses the architectural style of traditional urban architecture and consists of four interconnecting buildings. And the pavilion’s highlight is how to use woods in modern architectures and how to use proper materials to achieve the energy-saving effect.

“Sustainable development”, “innovation” and “communication” are three main theme words of Sweden Pavilion, which demonstrate the solutions when Sweden faces challenges, measures and abilities to improve urban environment and importance of enhancing communication under new technical circumstances. Each visitor will experience the Swedish culture, civic spirit, engineering technology, traditions and the most important innovative mind in Sweden Pavilion.

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