Swiss Pavilion

Switzerland Pavilion Switzerland Pavilion

Theme: rural – urban interaction

Location: Zone C of the Expo site

Area: 4,000 square meters

Design Team: Basel Architects from Switzerland

Building Identification: profile of future world

Pavilion Keyword: High Intelligence

Pavilion Highlight:

The most special thing at Swiss Pavilion is chair lift. People will spend ten minutes taking chair lift from the ground to the roof. Chair lift can carry 3500 people per hour and it is equipped with rain shelter so that it can be normal operated in rain. Passengers will be taken from the heavy-load “city” to enjoyable “natural world” on the roof of the pavilion.

Pavilion features:

Swiss Pavilion embodies modern Switzerland’s particularity – pursuit of continuous innovation and high quality life, and also show Swiss concepts about sustainable development.

The pavilion is an open space with red curtain outside which is made from soy fiber. The soy fiber can be used to generate electricity and be fully natural degradation.

The whole building focuses on balance and fully embodies the combination of high technology and nature.

Taking chair lift, visitors will appreciate civilization of Swiss urban and also enjoy Swiss typical rural scenery – green yarrow and dandelion in Heidi’s hometown.

2010 shanghai world expo

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