UK Pavilion

UK pavilion UK pavilion

Theme: bringing nature back into the city

Design Team: Heatherwick Studio

Modeling Highlight: Seed Sanctuary

Location: Zone C of Expo site

Area: 6000 square meters

Architectural Appearance:

Simple appearance, infinite creativity, and this is the interpretation of UK Pavilion. The biggest highlight of the whole building which also is the core part, is “Seed Sanctuary”, a six-storey cube structure with 60 thousand transparent acrylic rods extending from the structure and quivering in the breeze. During the day, each of these 7.5-meter long rods will act like fibre optic filaments, drawing on daylight to illuminate the interior, thereby creating a contemplative awe-inspiring space. At night, light sources at the interior end of each rod will allow the whole structure to glow.

Britain will also embed more than 60,000 seeds into the structure of its pavilion to urge people to protect natural species from extinction.  The seeds demonstrate the concept of sustainability, the diversity of nature and urge people to protect the environment for future generations.

Surrounding looks like an unfolded packing paper, while the “Seed Sanctuary” is a huge gift box sent to China. During 2010 expo, a series of English cultural activities will held on this unfolded “packing paper” in order to entertain visitors.

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