Suzhou Case — The Protection and Renovation of the Suzhou Old City

scenery of Suzhou

scenery of Suzhou

Suzhou will focus on its achievements in protecting and renovating the city’s cultural and historical sites in the UBPA at Shanghai World Expo.

We all know that it is a miracle that Suzhou has maintained most of the sites and features of it Song Dynasty history. Its practices for preservation and renovation are innovative and can reflect in modern urban development.

Suzhou is one of the China’s best-known historical and cultural cities. It is located in the Taihu Lake area, with a history going back at least 2,500 years.


Due to historical reasons and the swift development of economy, we face unprecedented pressure to protect the Suzhou Old City.  And in recent ten years, Suzhou does a lot of work in protecting and renovating the city’s cultural and historical sites.

Since 2000, the government invests 350 million Yuan in water management. By drawing Yangtze River water to improve the water quality.  The Urban Best Practices Area, covering 15 hectares, is where cities can display their experiences with urbanization. It will be one of the centerpieces of the Expo. In 2002, Suzhou launched a project to protect the style and features of the old city at the cost of 3 billion Yuan.

2010 shanghai world expo

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