Osaka Case — Advanced Environment City – The Challenge of the Water Metropolis, Osaka

Osaka visit sequence in shanghai world expo

Osaka visit sequence

Osaka Pavilion's logo in shanghai world expo

Osaka Pavilion's logo

The theme of Osaka’s UBPA case is “Advanced Environment City — The Challenge of the Water Metropolis, Osaka”.

The exhibit will spotlight Osaka’s practice in developing water transport and in moderating water disasters.  Sophisticated technologies to help realize a higher standard of living and a healthier environment will also be displayed.

Design of Osaka case copies the well known “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” in China to show the measures to environment taken by water city Osaka and charms of Osaka.

In the exhibition, Osaka fusuma, a pair of shachi and other replicas of priceless historical materials will be displayed and some advanced environmental techniques will also be introduced by real objects and images.





Osaka case consists of three exhibition areas. In the entrance of the pavilion, a work of art “New World” painting by Japanese famouse illustrator is placed here. The work portrays the traditional and modern culture of Osaka vividly.

2010 shanghai world expo

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