Peru Pavilion

Peru Pavilion in Shanghai World ExpoPeru Pavilion in Shanghai World Expo

Peru Pavilion

Theme: the factory of food, the womb of city

Location: C05 of the Pudong Zone near to skywalk

Area: 1,000 square meters

Type: rented

National Pavilion Day: July 28, 2010

Exhibition: Peru’s contribution to world dietary and its diversiform gastronomic heritage, especially stressing on the city evolution from ancient till now

Peru in South America is famous for its rich in tourist interests. In addition to that, Peruvian cooking has a history of several hundred years, and it integrates cooking methods of local Indians and Spanish colonists. Peru’s traditional food includes ceviche – raw fish marinated in lemon juice, onions, and aji limo. It originated in Spain.

During the Expo, visitors can taste miscellaneous Peruvian cuisine, as well as Peru’s symbolic historic heritage – Inca mysterious city Machu Picchu. And “free taste Peruvian food” and other activities will be held in the period of Shanghai World Expo. Peru Pavilion will have a 200-square-meter restaurant that seats 120 people. On July 28, the country’s national day, the pavilion will provide free food to visitors whatever the prices on the menu.

2010 Shanghai World Expo

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