PICC Pavilion

PICC pavilion in Shanghai World ExpoPICC pavilion in Shanghai World Expo

PICC Pavilion

PICC Pavilion is located in Zone D of the Expo site, north of Huangpu River and next to Expo Boulevard, covering an area of 880 square meters.

PICC Pavilion is a 50-meter-long, 20-meter-wide and 7.5-meter-high single-storey building. The pavilion will make full use of the red and white of “PICC” logo with green of Expo emblem to display the corporate image of forging ahead with determination. The glorious achievements of PICC in the past 60 years, brand image and company culture will be displayed by multimedia technology.

The pavilion will be in the shape of the letters in the company’s name, PICC. Each letter will house a single exhibition room. Visitors will be invited to write their wishes on a “Wishes Wall” in the last “C” section.

PICC’s insurance covers the construction of the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination and it has been involved in building insurance for 36 pavilions, as well as covering visitors for accidents on the Expo site.

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