Portugal Pavilion

Portugal Pavilion in Shanghai World ExpoPortugal Pavilion in Shanghai World Expo

Portugal Pavilion

Theme: Portugal, a plaza to the world and Portugal, a whole world of energy

This theme comes from the fact: Portugal is a port on the Atlantic Ocean. And this geostrategic position establishes the country’s uniqueness and its ability to assert a national identity.

the Praça do Comércio

the Praça do Comércio

Apart from that, the theme highlight the importance of the public space “ the plaza.” Lisbon is a symbol of Portuguese urbanity in all its fullness, and the Praça do Comércio was chosed to be presented abroad as an urban space because of its importance and national position.

Praça do Comércio was chosen because it presents itself as an urban space of critical size and is a national landmark. It is based on Development and Innovation of Renewable Energies in Portugal, achieved through support of:

  • technological development
  • making known the national energy policies
  • making known Portugal’s scientific and technological potential to the world

The “ land of the great western ocean” as Portugal was called by the Chinese people in the first contacts in the sixteenth century.

Portugal Pavilion convers an area of 2,000 square meters and now it’s starting decoration which is expected to finish by April 15, two weeks before Shanghai World Expo opens on May 1st,2010.

Portugal Pavilion has an external wall built by cork, a Portuguese-sourced, recyclable and environmentally friendly material. Portuguese choosing this material is to promote its images during 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Portugal Pavilion will not only show the sustainable development concept in modern city but also will highlight its important role played in the country’s economic and environmental policies.

In order to substantiate the program of exhibition content and lines of action, as well as the planned functional requirements, the Pavilion will have the following main functional areas:

  • Protocol Area – an area for representing Portugal officially before national and foreign bodies, where special events will take place within the framework of international interchange;
  • Exhibition Area – a project with contents developed from an exhibition outline that harmonises with the theme of Expo 2010 Shanghai;
  • Business Centre – a specific area for fostering economic interchange between Portugal, the People’s Republic of China and other countries;
  • Commercial Area – an area of commercial activity, where there is the option of a concession within the scope of the rules laid down by the Exhibition’s organizers;
  • Administrative Area – an area for support of activities related to the daily operation of the Pavilion and the Portuguese delegation in general;
  • Technical Area – an area for technical facilities, warehouse space and support services.

2010 shanghai world expo

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