Serbia Pavilion

Serbia Pavilion in Shanghai World Expo

Serbia Pavilion

Theme: City Code

Size: 1,000 square meters

Expected number of visitors: 2 million

Carpet-detail where each pattern represents a certain symbol The one above is a symbol of a man. Origin Pirot Serbia ca. 1900

Location: C09-09-01 (Z01)

The pavilion is located in “European Square”, in the western part of zone C in the direct vicinity of Spain Pavilion.

location of Serbia Pavilion

location of Serbia Pavilion


Serbia Pavilion is a contemporary, architectural and spatial reading and alteration of traditional Serbian and global weaving processes. The construction will use a model the aforementioned process of weaving, merging and matching the modular parts into a whole marked and consumed by its unrepeatable code.

The dynamism and visual attractiveness of the façade will be highlighted by putting the modules together at 45-degree angles. Work is being done to create an unforgettable aesthetic experience before viewing the facades of the pavilion from the various parts of the Expo hall.

The pavilion conceptually separates the details of urban life into codes that define its quality. There are 8 city codes that symbolize their inspiration: city history, culture, economy, citizenship, urban ecosystems, renewable energy, and city style and communication. The pavilion is conceptually and thematically conceived in a way to demystify and accentuate the urban life identified in the completed city organism. Eight components of the “City Code” which, through the quality of life of its population, define the vitality of the city will be symbolically presented or “weaved“ together inside the interior of the pavilion : the history of the development of the city, the culture of individuality, commerce, citizenship, the city’s lifestyle, urban ecosystems, art and technology and communications.

exhibition of Serbia Pavilion
exhibition of Serbia Pavilion

official website of Serbia Pavilion:

2010 shanghai world expo

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