Feel the World Cup in 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Many Expo Pavilions for 2010 shanghai world expo has prepared interactive sessions for the fans during the world cup.

3D movie screen in South Africa Pavilion

3D movie screen in South Africa Pavilion

Take a look at urban best practice in Puxi area, Liverpool Pavilion takes a charge of promoting soccer culture. Visitors can participate in a shooting game in an interactive region. You can experience the feeling of breaking the Liverpool goal, and also try to play against Howard, goalkeeper of Everton which is the “city rivals”of Liverpool.

Football game in Brazilian Pavilion

Football game in Brazilian Pavilion

As the host of this World Cup, South Africa add seats all over the national pavilion. During the World Cup, the pavilion will be the incarnation of a great happy bar. Visitors from all over the world can have a glass of South Africa wine and cheer for their favorite team there. Besides, the pavilion has specially set up a 3D movie screen to provide a more immersive experience for visitors to enjoy the opening of the World Cup.

“Football Kingdom” Brazilian pavilion also has skills. In order to prevent the visitors who line up getting bored, a video wall hanging on the wall outside the pavilion, displaying a 3 on 3 soccer match. Tourists can control the on-screen player by the phone buttons as long as they call the number in the screen. It was very interesting.

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