the “2010 Shanghai World Expo ” Golf Event

the "2010 Shanghai World Expo " Golf Event

the "2010 shanghai world expo " Golf Event

April 13, Liu Zhenyuan, former vice mayor of Shanghai, and Shi Derong, president of Shanghai Municipal Golf Association, attended in the opening ceromony of the “2010 shanghai world expo ” Golf Event, and officially unveilled the event design, which was a ball designed by a golf-like men and Chinese traditional auspicious clouds. It is said that the ball was supposed to represent both the physical interpretation of golf and a symbol of the blue earth.

Sheshan International Golf Club will hosted the series of activities, and the other designated venues include: Shanghai International Golf and Country Club, Shanghai Sun Island Golf Club, Shanghai Silport Golf Club and Shanghai Hua Kai Golf Club. The the “2010 Shanghai World Expo ” Golf Event contains more than 30 different themes and different styles golf events, and there will be at least one highlight theme each week. Most of amateur athletes and golf enthusiasts will participate in the “2010 Shanghai World Expo ” Golf Event, besides, professional players are also possibile to be invited into the big event.

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