Vietnam Pavilion

Vietnam Pavilion

Vietnam Pavilion

With the theme “1000 anniversary of Hanoi”, Vietnam Pavilion will be featured by bamboo.

Li Jinshou, Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports Tourism, said on the ceremony of starting saling Vietnam Pavilion tickets that Vietnam Pavilion is located at Expo A Area and takes up 1000 square meters. The 2010 year is the 1000 anniversary of Vietnam’s capital – Hanoi. The Vietnam Pavilion theme is also originated from this.

The Vietnam Pavilion is featured by rich Vietnamese culture, and there will be performances of ethnic characteristics. Li believed that Vietnam Pavilion would surely attract more visitors.

Li  expressed that, the Vietnam government gave support for China’s hosting 2010 shanghai world expo, and Vietnam cherished this opportunity of corporation with Chinese government. Vietnam’s participation in 2010 expo will be of great significance for a good diplomatic relations between Vietnam and China.

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