Yemen Pavilion

Yemen Pavilion

Yemen Pavilion

Yemen pavilion of Shanghai World Expo was be officially open at 16 am. Mr Colby, the Minister of Yemen Foreign Affairs, attended the opening ceremony. Mr minister said that China has a astonishing pace of development in all respects, while Yemen is also a country of a long history and culture. He said that 2010 shanghai world expo will be a great platform for people all over the world to better understand Yemen civilization and art.

Yemen pavilion is located on the 2nd Asian Joint Museum taking up the area of 300 square meters. With the theme of “Art and Civilization”, Yemen pavilion will focus on introduction of Yemen outstanding achievements in cultural, tourism, science and other areas. Yemen pavilion demonstrates character and culture of the Arab region by means of multimedia. There are many local arts and crafts inside the pavilion to reflect the prosperity of the local market. Besides, A model of Yemen’s capital – Sana is placed to give the audience an intuitive understanding of the city.

In the opening day, Yemen pavilion has arranged a show of songs and dances to reflect local culture and customs. Yemen is located in southwestern Arabian Peninsula. Next to And Saudi Arabia and Oman, near the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea, Yemen has a long history and is one of cradles of ancient civilizations in the Arab world.

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