China’s first “Porcelain Carving Exhibition”

a "Haibao" sculpture
a “Haibao” sculpture

With the “Following with 2010 expo, Art makes better life” theme, China’s first “Porcelain Carving Exhibition” will show up in Hongqiao District of Shanghai. A lot of Expo works win more attentions. At the press conference, a “Haibao” sculpture, the latest work from China’s leading sculptor – Yan Fuli, has attracted many people’s attentions. It is said the “Haibao” was 23-cm-high whose body was carved with earthworm grain which is most representative of JUN YAO.

Gu Zhihua, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Art Fair Organizing Committee, said that the ceramic art has been developed towards diversification, and shanghai expo was such a great chance to popularize the ceramic art to the entire world by a serious of Expo works show.

It is reported that the “Porcelain Carving Exhibition” was sponsored by Shanghai Art Fair Organizing Committee, which would last for one week from April 22 to April 29. There will be about 120 Porcelain Carving works created by Chinese arts and crafts masters, professors and a number of porcelain carving rookies. The public and worldwide visitors can enjoy the show and make purchase in new HongQiao Central Park. The Porcelain Carving Exhibition is the first specialized exchange platform for Porcelain Carving, and there will be more such exhibitions for other kinds of sculpture art.

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