Shanghai food: Shui Jian Bao

Shanghai food - Shui Jian Bao

shanghai food - Shui Jian Bao

ground beef (200 grams), onion (1 piece), black pepper (5 grams), salt (3 grams), soy sauce (15ml), sugar (8 grams), sesame oil (15ml), starch (50ml).

1. Add 15ml of starch, salt and spring onion, soy sauce, black pepper, sugar into ground beef, whipped up into a group in the same direction until the meat is sticky, and the last one, add sesame oil to mix well.
2. Pull the dough into table-tennis-size pieces, roll to make it with the middle thick and thin all around, then wraped with beef.
3. Plaster the pan with a thin layer of oil, use paper towels to wipe off excess oil, then add dumplings and fry with low heat so that the bottom of dumplings can absorb some oil.
4. Pour the remaining water starch, close the lid, and fry with a medium heat.
5. Open the lid until water in the pot gradually dry and turn into a small fire, pour 15ml of cooking oil and sprinkle a spoon of sesame seeds, and then continue to simmer till the bottom turns to be golden.

1. Add the starch water twice, each with different roles.
2. We often used to directly add the starch into the meat, while in this way, the meat is easy to get dehydrated. But if we add starch which has been added into water before, such meat will not taste of dry.

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