Shanghai food: Zi Fan Gao

Shanghai food: Zi Fan Gao

shanghai food: Zi Fan Gao

150 grams of rice and 150 grams of glutinous rice, a little salt and sugar.

1. The washed glutinous rice should be soaked for 4 hours, and the washed rice should be soaked for half an hour.
2. Soaked glutinous rice is poured into cooker for cooking after mixed with rice.
3. Cooked rice is mashed up by one end of a rolling pin, and then mix the rice with a little salt or sugar together.
4. The rice is put into a crisper which is covered with firm pressure.
5. Freezeing for two hours.
6. The frozen rice is cut into box.
7. Fry the rice in the fifty-to-fifty-hot oil.

1. Do not put too much rice together when frying in case of being sticked together.
2. You can choose sweet or salty taste by yourself.

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