The Czech Republic issued commemorative stamps for 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Recently, the Czech Post Office issued commemorative stamps for 2010 shanghai world expo officially. The stamp is designed with shape of Czech Pavilion as the pattern, and on the top of stamp there is a slogan “2010 shanghai world expo” written by Czech. It is said the stamp is worth of 35 CZK (ps: 1 U.S. dollar equals 18.8 CZK).

The Czech government confirmed its participation in 2010 shanghai world expo on February 7, 2007 officially, and selected a 2000-square-meters rental pavilion as Czech Pavilion. The Czech Pavilion is a kind of ice hockey made of vulcanite with the whiteouter wall. Ice hockey is a very proud event for the Czech, and the Czech national ice hockey team has obtained great achievements in major international competitions for many times. It is reported that the Czech Republic planned to hold its activities about National Pavilion on May 17.

The Czech has a long tradition of issuing commemorative stamps for he World Expo. About 52 years ago, the Czech Republic issued a set of stamps for the first time in 1958 to commemorate the World Expo in Brussels.



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