Odense Case Pavilion – the resurrection of bike

Odense is the third largest city in the Kingdom of Denmark, and it’s more well-known as the hometown of Andersen. The case of “the resurrection of bike” has appeared in the “Urban Best Practice Area” of 2010 shanghai expo, which is different with others focusing on the city’s most environmentally friendly way to travel – bicycle travel. Andersen fairy tales are skilfully embedded in the entire case, which makes people feel like living in a fairy city.

Odense Case Pavilion will illustrate “how to make a bike resurrection in a modern city?” through 3 themes including “thinking”, “selecting” and “living”.

The “thinking” theme area will display how the city stimulates the enthusiasm of people’s riding bicycles to travel. The new-designed bike models and different types of bike lanes as well multiple bicycles providing for different needs will show there. The city is responsible for providing services to cyclists, helping them to achieve life-long cycling, and thus to the environment and their health benefits.

In the “Select” theme area, visitors will see an innovative design and creative programs based on safety, aesthetics and health. Cycling is by no means a hard and monotonous thing. Even if you are riding a very high security requirements, but also do not have to sacrifice the design sense and functionality. Rich design will satisfy the individual needs of different groups of people and allows people to fully experience the joy of riding.

The “Life” theme area will invite visitors to experience the Danish culture, and show how a bike is accompanying with the childhood of each Dane and infiltrateing everyone’s work and leisure time. Visitors will see the screen showing “everyone is riding”. Postman, coffee sellers, ice cream vendors are riding, and riding bicycles has become a way of life.

Odense Case Pavilion - the resurrection of bike

Odense Case Pavilion - the resurrection of bike

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